Born out of curiosity and passion

Saponera was developed out of curiosity. We believe there are simply too few natural skin care options that are better for us and better for the environment. The word ‘Natural’ is too often misleading. Many products contain hidden ingredients that we overlook for lack of a better choice.
Saponera is 100% natural, made purely from plants. It is our goal to be free from anything else. Our passion is to empower you to make the right choice. The choice that has less impact on your skin and less impact on our water.


If I use regular body washes my skin hurts. I was so happy to discover Saponera Body Wash! My skin feels great and I won’t ever go back to other body washes.


I have been through chemo and radiation and it has made my skin very sensitive and dry. I always felt itchy and needed to use thick moisturisers. I tried Saponera Body Wash and my skin has felt so much better in just a few days.


As soon as I started using Saponera Body Wash the eczema on my hands went away. When I stopped using it and went back to regular body wash the eczema came back.


We are very happy to have found a body wash that is environmentally friendly. A lot of body washes make natural claims but Saponera is 100% natural and biodegrable. We use it for the whole family and are glad to be making our small difference to the planet.


All our bath and shower water goes to the garden. Regular soaps are too foamy and leave a residue. Saponera is 100% natural and biodegrable so it’s much better for the garden. I won’t let my family use regular soaps now that we have discovered Saponera.